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Apartments ŠTIZ | Betina, Murter - Croatia


While staying in Kvarner be sure to explore as many of its natural beauties as possible. Visit the nature park Ucka, rich with natural sources of water, cliffs and caves and enjoy the view of Istria, Kvarner islands, Gorski Kotar, and even the Italian Alps. Visit the Biseruljka cave on the island of Krk, which is located deep below the surface and contains a splendid hall and gallery, with a stream flowing over its bottom and. Take circular boat tours in Kvarner and familiarize yourself with the beauty of the island or go and explore the cities and towns and their interesting history.


Opatija is amodern tourist resort and destination with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. It is a leading tourist destination in Croatia for the organization of conferences, seminars and counseling. Opatija has been attracting tourists from all over the world for 160 years, and the lush vegetation and pleasant climate is the main why tourism started and explains its rapid development in this city called the "Pearl of the Adriatic". Its parks, illuminated seaside promenade, swimming areas, fountains and numerous centuries-old villas are the reason why tourists come back year after year. Opatija is a famous health resort, and is therefore equally well visited in the winter months. Once it was the favorite resort for numerous aristocrats- villas, hotels, villas and art nouveau decorated with greenery and beautiful gardens are the perfect evidence. Familiarize yourself with numerous cultural monuments of Opatija, enjoy the attractive sandy and pebble beaches, the most famous among which is beach Slatina, while sports fans will enjoy various sports content.

Rijeka is a port city as well as the center of Kvarner County. Even though it is considered to be a port town, it does not mean that the spirit of heavy industry is present. It has kept its marine charm, hidden in its streets. The symbol of Rijeka is Moretto - jewelry worn by sailors as protection from distress at sea, which became popular when the archduchess Ana Maria presented it in the Vienna palace. The town is rich with historical monuments that testify to its rich past. Visit the Municipal Palace (the seat of city government the past), the governor's palace (Naval and Historical Museum of the Croatian coast), University Library, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, City Museum, Palazzo (the oldest preserved Rijeka City Hall), St. Sebastian (patron of plague), relics of a late Roman fortress, the old Roman port door (representative of the main portal entrance to the Praetorium, a military command from the period of late antiquity), palace Mondello, City Tower (built over the former sea entrance into the Old Town) and many others historic landmarks.

Crikvenica is a town that has a long tradition in tourism, more than one hundred years old. The entire town is actually a Riviera with a string of urban, almost connected, localities. It was named after the church (Crikvenica) of Pauline monastery, founded by Nikola Frankopan in 1412 on the Dubracine delta. During the summer months, numerous events and happenings, concerts, fashion shows, exhibitions, traditional festivities take place here. The fun starts early in the morning on one of many beautiful sandy beaches and continues in countless discotheques. You can enjoy cycling, mini golf, table tennis, sailing, paragliding, soccer, bowling, paintball, diving, hiking, jet-ski, water skiing and numerous other activities in Crikvenica.

Novi Vinodolski is an attractive tourist destination. It lies beneath the lowered slopes of slightly forested Kapela. Its history dates back to long before the new ages. Thanks to the evergreen vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea and air, Novi Vinodolski became one of the first seaside resorts of the region in 1878, shortly after Opatija. This town and its surroundings contain numerous valuable cultural monuments. Sports and active vacation lovers can enjoy soccer, basketball, bowling, handball, hiking, tennis, cycling, parachuting and numerous water sports such as swimming, sailing, diving, surfing, underwater fishing and many others. During the summer months various festivals are organized in Novi Vinodolski , where you can have fun until the early morning hours. One of the most famous events is the fishing night when you can enjoy live music with good food and local wine. Numerous concerts and nightclubs will keep you up until the early hours of the morning.











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